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Rules (Why do there always have to be rules?)

The Board of Directors and volunteers of Fallen Hero’s Dream Ride are thrilled to host events for our Dream Riders Families. We love to bring families together to heal in a welcoming and safe setting, but our mission is about the kids, “Because they deserve happy memories”. To this purpose, we must ask that you and your family follow some basic guidelines.

R E S P E C T – It’s more than a song.

We are guests at the hotel, as are other people not associated with our group. Please be considerate to these guests. No running in halls, playing in elevators or excessive noise near the rooms.

Except for activities that Dream Riders specifically provides adult supervision, please do not leave children unattended. This includes in the hotel rooms, hotel halls & elevator as well as at the off-site activities.

There are curfew hours listed on the schedule. Please ensure your family respects these quiet hours. No children should be out of their rooms after curfew.

Time is scheduled for adults to socialize in the lounge. Please limit any alcohol to the lounge area. (FHDR does not provide alcohol)

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and never allowed any place inside the hotel. Smoking is not allowed at any Dream Riders activity where we congregate as a group. Please do not smoke in front of the Dream Riders Kids (except yours of course).

The person creating this registration agrees to be responsible for damages caused by a member of your group.